What You Should Know About C-Trade Crypto Derivatives Trading

Discover what crypto derivatives are and equip yourself with interesting new crypto derivatives trading platform dedicated to seamless trading and security.

What You Should Know About C-Trade Crypto Derivatives Trading

Crypto-derivative is a rapidly growing market that has been attracting trillions in volume almost every month. Similar to the roles of conventional derivative markets, these crypto derivatives also have a significant role within the crypto industry. Therefore, it is no surprise that several crypto exchanges, as well as markets, have adopted platforms for all the traders to make a place in the derivatives markets.

Popularity of cryptocurrencies has given rise to development of crypto exchanges

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As cryptocurrencies move toward mainstream application, crypto derivatives are considered the most prevalent financial products on several crypto exchanges. By enabling traders to successfully mitigate and manage the volatility risks concerning crypto trading and a hedge against future losses, these crypto derivatives have become one of the preferred financial instruments of every trader.

This aroused their interest in them, causing numerous new exchanges to emerge. Nevertheless, those exchanges that simply reform their trading area to involve derivatives in their offerings may not be able to provide the same degree of security, speed, and accessibility as platforms mainly created for derivatives trading.

In addition, trust and security are two critical factors for any exchange. And we all are aware of how big and small cryptocurrency exchanges are susceptible to cyber-attacks. Hence, it would be helpful if you always chose the safest and the most trustworthy crypto exchange.

But how would you know that? Well, with C-Trade, you will have a different experience. Before we delve more into C-Trade and its benefits, let us first understand some basics of crypto derivatives.

What are Crypto Derivatives?

In common terms, derivatives are considered financial assets whose value relies on another asset. These derivatives can be securities or contracts that get the value from commodities, cryptocurrency, interest rates, bonds, and market stock, among various other assets. In a crypto ecosystem, crypto derivatives are the products that depict the value of an underlying crypto asset, but itself is not the underlying asset.

In the case of crypto derivatives trading, two parties entering into a financial contract invest in the price of cryptocurrency based on a future date. The first phase involves the party agreeing on a buying or selling price for the cryptocurrency on a particular date, irrespective of the market price. Subsequently, investors profit from alteration in the underlying asset price by buying the currency at a cheaper price and then selling it at a higher price.

In the market of crypto, the derivatives can be traded among customers and on different exchanges, although the approach to their regulation and trading differs. Businesses implement crypto-exchange software development services to incorporate derivatives trading on their respective platforms.

Significance of crypto derivatives

  • Crypto-derivatives are the essential elements of the crypto economy as it enables investors to differentiate their portfolios and exhibit themselves to different cryptocurrencies. Also, investors can build advanced strategies with derivatives like arbitrage trading.
  • Derivatives can also help prevent a portfolio from high price volatility and unpredicted risks.
  • Derivatives are significant as they promote price discovery which is a process of finding the asset’s value.

All You Should Know About C-Trade

C-Trade, a next-gen crypto derivatives trading platform, was founded in 2019 with the aim to offer a fair and secure platform where anyone can trade freely. The platform is created by a team of quantitative traders, statisticians, and engineers and is keen on providing security as well as seamless trading. C-Trade comprises an in-built trading interface that is suitable for every user.

Introducing one-of-a-kind crypto-derivatives exchange

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With the expertise of C-Trade in machine learning, trading, and artificial intelligence, it seeks to become the most humane, fairest, and most reliable crypto derivatives trading platform. If you are searching for a trading platform having features like a cold wallet storage facility, then C-Trade is the ideal platform for you.

Why Trade Crypto Derivatives On C-Trade?

C-Trade is a platform that stands out from the other crypto derivatives exchanges. Let us find out why?

Lightning-fast transactions

The majority of crypto derivatives exchanges are restricted by long withdrawal periods and frequent system overloads. However, C-Trade processes up to ten million TPS (Transaction per Second) and supports the world-famous crypto derivatives products.

With C-Trade, you get your withdrawal requests authorized in minutes

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Top-notch security features

For every person, funds safety is the primary concern. C-Trade focuses on the security and privacy of its customer’s funds. Almost all the customer's deposits of C-Trade are kept in multi-signature cold wallets to secure their assets. Also, customers get 24/7 customer support from a skilled support staff who can speak distinct languages. The platform also offers manual permission for fund withdrawal. This ensures the highest safety level for your money and also maintains privacy.

Accessibility of platforms

You can use the C-Trade mobile app and trade from wherever you want. The C-Trade mobile app is available on the App Store, Android APK, and Google Play. Anyone from anywhere can follow the markets and simplify their trade.

Rewards & Bonuses

In crypto derivatives, bonuses and rewards can act as effective buffers to cover the losses you may face at times. With C-Trade, you can get up to $200 in welcome coupons and bonuses. You can invite your acquaintances to the platform by sharing your referral code in case you want to enjoy referral bonuses. Also, C-Trade offers an affiliate program in which you get the highest commission payouts and a discount on trading fees up to 15% for the initial three months.

150x leverage

C-Trade provides 150x leverage for all kinds of trading instruments like perpetual contracts. First of all, do you know what trading with leverage means? A significant benefit of derivatives is that traders can trade with leverage. With this, they get the highest exposure and take on an influential position. While this may be risky, it can also increase your profits considerably.

Simply put, traders with $100 can amplify their capital by 5x and then trade on the $500 value of crypto items to multiply their profits. C-Trade provides 150x leverage to its users on crypto perpetual contracts, which is more than the industry average. Perpetual contracts can provide considerable returns to users, particularly when the volatility is high in the crypto market.

The expert team of C-Trade has devised the platform around the smooth exchange of perpetual and various other futures contracts. C-Trade assures that your investment is handled securely and safely when trading perpetual contracts with them.

If you are looking for leverage trading and margin trading for Bitcoin perpetual futures, then you can go up to 150x leverage on the website of C-Trade. With C-Trade, you can trade perpetual futures with high market liquidity, at a low fee, and certainly, with up to 150x leverage.

Cryptocurrencies That You Can Trade On C-Trade

C-Trade offers a platform where converting cryptocurrencies instantly seems hassle-free. Once you receive money in the account of C-Trade, you can begin trading cryptocurrency pairs with 150x high leverage.

Cryptocurrency pairs available on the platform are:

  • Bitcoin and USD (BTCUSD)
  • Bitcoin and Tether (BTCUSDT)
  • Ripple and Tether (XRPUSDT)
  • Ethereum and USD (ETHUSD)
  • Ethereum and Tether (ETHUSDT)
  • Dogecoin and Tether (DOGEUSDT)

Through C-Trade, you can convert ETH, BTC, and USDT. Moreover, converting these cryptocurrencies into the same system of C-Trade will encourage you to handle risks efficiently. Take advantage and start earning like a pro with C-Trade’s 15x high leverage along with the volatility of crypto markets.

Final Thoughts

With the crypto derivatives explosion in recent times, more and more underlying cryptocurrency exchanges are building on derivatives products as trading opportunities, transiting the crypto derivative bandwagon to reinforce profits. However, it is advisable to always go with the dedicated and safest crypto derivatives exchange to experience speedy transactions.

With seamless crypto trading platforms like C-Trade, you can easily convert your trading expenses into investments. All thanks to its promotional features and extensive rewards and bonuses. It also presents you with crypto perpetual swaps as well as futures contracts on the most popular crypto-assets in the world.

C-Trade offers Bitcoin perpetual with 150x leverage. The platform also supports trading for XRP and Ethereum. The outstanding feature of C-Trade is that it can handle 10 million TPS. What else do you want? Additionally, the exchange platform uses machine learning to discover manipulation so that your investments remain secure.

If you are looking forward to trading crypto derivatives on a platform of C-Trade, then this is the best time to get started. Sign up now and follow C-Trade on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Telegram.