Show Off Your Cryptocurrency Trading Talents With C-Trade Trading Competition: $240,000 are at stake

Show Off Your Cryptocurrency Trading Talents With C-Trade Trading Competition: $240,000 are at stake

Pay attention, crypto traders! Take part in this C-Trade competition for a chance to win exciting prizes.

Trading competitions are a great win-win for both hosts and traders. After all, they enable you to pit your trading skills against traders from all over the world. The more you trade, the more likely you are to win. By participating, you have the opportunity to win a variety of exciting prizes, and the best traders get a chance to stand out from the crowd by making the most of these competitions.

In other words - these competitions also provide you with the opportunity to improve your trading skills by competing against a large number of traders worldwide.

On that note, C-Trade brings to you a super exciting Trading Competition for both new and existing users. The competition will be exciting for those of you who trade crypto derivatives, as it runs for over three weeks, starting on September 15, 2021, at 00:00 AM (UTC) and ending on October 10, 2021, 11:49 PM (UTC). We’ve also partnered with ace trader Satoshi Stacker - who boasts more than 220,000 YouTube subscribers! Subscribe to Satoshi Stacker on this competition and give yourself an edge on C-Trade!

Continue reading to learn more about this competition.

Why should you participate?

The top three winners will receive cash prizes of 72,000, 42,000, and 20,000 USDT, respectively. In addition, you will have the opportunity to win additional rewards and bonuses. Isn't that exciting? So get up, brace yourself, and take part in this thrilling competition.

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Prize distribution

The prize will be distributed 14 days after the competition ends, and the prize money will be credited directly to the winners' C-Trade accounts. Entering the competition is simple because all you have to do is trade during the competition period, and you'll automatically become a participant.

Entry Requirement

At the time of the competition, you must have deposited at least $200 USDT in MTM Balance (Mark to Market balance).

Wallet Balance + Unrealized Profit and Loss = MTM Balance

Welcome bonus

A GUARANTEED special trading bonus to all users who make a deposit between August 19, 2021, 00:00 AM to October 10, 2021, 00:00 AM (UTC). Please see this page for more information.

Selecting winners

  • Winners are determined by their PnL % on USDT perpetual contracts. The percentage of PnL is calculated as follows: Individual PnL % = [Final MTM Balance - (Initial MTM Balance + deposit during competition)] / (initial MTM balance + deposit during the competition)
  • Your MTM Balance at the start of the competition will be used as the initial MTM Balance for profit/loss calculation.
  • Suppose your MTM Balance is less than $200 USDT at the start of the competition. In that case, the initial MTM Balance will be calculated as $200 USDT, resulting in immediate negative returns in the competition. Please ensure that you have at least $200 USDT in your account when the competition begins.
  • Please keep in mind that any deposit, withdrawal, miner's fee, transaction fee, or profit/loss from the transaction may have an impact on MTM Balance. Before registering, please check your MTM Balance.
  • If two users have the same PnL %, their total trading volume will determine their final ranking.
  • To be eligible for any of the competition's prizes, registered users must have a total minimum trading volume of USD 500 during the competition. Unallocated prizes will not be given to anyone else.

Prize Pool guidelines

  • "Prize": The top 3 to 10 ranked participants based on individual PnL % and number of participants. Players with a total USDT perpetual contract trading volume of less than USD 500 will be excluded.
  • After the results are announced, the prize will be credited to the winners' C-Trade accounts within 14 working days. The prize money can be traded or withdrawn.
  • Individual PnL% = [final MTM Balance - (initial MTM Balance + deposit during competition)] / (initial MTM balance + deposit made during the competition)
  • Initial MTM Balance = Account's MTM balance at the start of the competition (including unrealized profit and loss)
  • Final MTM Balance = Account's MTM Balance at the end of the game (including unrealized profit and loss)
  • Deposit = accumulated deposits of the account during the competition.

About C-Trade

C-Trade, founded in 2019, is a next-generation cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform designed and curated by a top-tier team of engineers, statisticians, and quantitative traders. C-Trade has created and continues to develop innovative industry-leading approaches for the best trading experience possible.

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