C-Trade x Satoshi Stacker: Exclusive $8000 Rewards are Up for Grabs!

C-Trade x Satoshi Stacker: Exclusive $8000 Rewards are Up for Grabs!

We are excited to have Satoshi Stacker trading on C-Trade, which has around 300,000 YouTube subscribers! Want to know his tips on the next Bitcoin target? Join Satoshi Stacker and start your trading adventure on C-Trade, and earn an exclusive $8000  Bonus!

We are giving away a GUARANTEED special trading bonus to all new and existing users that make a deposit between Feb 9 to Feb 28, 2022!

The table below will give you a better idea:

Eligible Net Deposit

Trading Bonus (USD)

Tier 1

≥ 500 USDT / 0.014 BTC / 0.20 ETH


Tier 2

≥ 2,500 USDT / 0.07 BTC / 1.00 ETH


Tier 3

≥10,000 USDT / 0.28 BTC / 4.00 ETH


Tier 4

≥40,000 USDT / 1.12 BTC / 16.00 ETH


Tier 5

≥ 80,000 USDT / 2.24 BTC / 32.00 ETH 


Tier 6

≥ 320,000 USDT / 8.96 BTC / 128.00 ETH 


*Net Deposit = Total Deposit during the campaign period – Total Withdrawal until bonus distribution

New users must register an account via the link below to qualify. Existing users automatically qualify by making a deposit.

Register Now & Get Bonus!

Campaign Period:

Start: Feb 9, 2022, 12AM (UTC)

End: Feb 28, 2022, 12AM (UTC)

Campaign Rules:

  • New users must sign up via the registration link above to enjoy the bonus.
  • Trading bonuses are automatically credited to your account, within 15 business days after the campaign period ends.
  • Deposits made during the campaign period are to be held in your C-Trade account until the bonus has been credited to your account.
  • Prior to the bonus distribution, any withdrawals are deducted from your Net Deposit. Thus reducing your trading bonus reward.
  • All deposits will be counted. Bonuses and coupon rewards are not added to your Net Deposit.
  • Bonus can be used as trading margin, to pay transaction fees, and to deduct trading losses. Profits made from the bonus can be withdrawn freely.
  • Coupons are immediately credited to your account upon the first deposit requirement is met.
  • Coupons can only be used to cover transaction fees prior to the user’s own capital and cannot be withdrawn.
  • Each participant is only eligible to receive the bonus of only ONE of the above-mentioned tiers. Bonus tier rewards are not accumulative.
  • Users are prohibited from using multiple C-Trade accounts for any dishonest activities. All associated accounts are automatically frozen and banned upon detection.
  • Visit here for deposit instructions.
  • Please refer to bonus terms and conditions for full details and rules.
  • All participating users must abide by C-Trade Terms of Use.
  • C-Trade reserves the right to modify the terms of this campaign without notifying users in advance. C-Trade reserves the right of final interpretation of this campaign. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.