$2,000 up for grabs guaranteed: C-Trade's Trading Bonus Explained

$2,000 up for grabs guaranteed: C-Trade's Trading Bonus Explained

Attention, crypto traders. Here’s your chance to win a whopping $2000 bonus with C-Trade. Sounds too good to be true, right? But it is! and it’s part of an exciting USDT perpetual trading campaign that C-Trade is running.

Want to learn how you can be part of this campaign? Keep reading.

C-Trade, one of the best crypto derivatives trading platforms, is now conducting three exciting campaigns for its users, and the trading competition is one of them. The competition is fairly simple. All users who make a deposit between 19th Aug 2021 00:00 AM and 10th Oct 2021 00:00 AM (UTC) are eligible to win a guaranteed special trading bonus worth $2000.

The trading bonus you win will be based on the net deposit you make. Hence, the higher your deposit, the higher your chances of earning $2000. But it’s alright even if your deposit amount is smaller. You can still earn a trading bonus for a lesser amount.

Here are the tier and deposit rules for this campaign:

[Net Deposit = Total Deposit during the campaign period – Total Withdrawal until bonus distribution]

We understand you’re enthralled by the rewards you get from this competition. However, users need to pay attention to the following rules in order to be fully eligible to earn the bonus. First of all, all users need to be registered C-Trade users to participate in the trading competition. If you haven’t already registered, do it right away by visiting this page.

Secondly, users should ensure that all deposits made during the campaign period are kept in their C-Trade account until the bonus is credited. Withdrawals made before the bonus distribution will be deducted from your Net Deposit, thereby lowering your trading bonus reward.

Please note that once the trading competition period has ended, your trading bonuses will be automatically credited to your account within 14 business days.

Here are some additional guidelines for the competition.

  • All participants must comply with C-Trade's Terms of Use.
  • Deposits within your C-Trade accounts are not eligible for the bonus.
  • Bonuses and coupon rewards will not be added to your Net Deposit.
  • Bonus can be used as a trading margin, to pay transaction fees, and to deduct trading losses, while coupons can only be used to cover transaction fees.
  • Profits made from the bonus can be withdrawn freely as long as it meets the minimum withdrawal amount requirement. However, all bonuses and coupons in your account will be lost immediately and will not be returned upon any successful withdrawals.
  • Make note that bonuses and coupons cannot be used to cover the withdrawal fee since C-Trade does not charge the Bitcoin Network Fee.
  • You have 21 days from the date you received the bonus to activate it. Trading activities can be used to activate the bonus. After 21 days, the bonus will expire and be forfeited.
  • Each participant is only eligible to receive the bonus of only ONE of the tiers as mentioned above. Bonus tier rewards are not accumulative.
  • Users are prohibited from using multiple C-Trade accounts for any fraudulent activities. All associated accounts will be automatically frozen and banned upon detection.
  • C-Trade reserves the right to modify the terms of this campaign without notifying users in advance.
  • C-Trade reserves the right of final interpretation of this campaign. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.
  • For full details and rules, make sure that you refer to the bonus terms and conditions.

Happy Trading, C-Traders!

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