C-Trade April Arena - Share a $1 Million Prize Pool 🔥

C-Trade April Arena - Share a $1 Million Prize Pool 🔥

Greetings, C-traders!

What better way to learn how to trade without risking your own money? We've been working hard to provide a Bonus to every one of our users! We value each C-Traders and would want to thank you for your support.

Hence we're excited to introduce a brand-new trading bonus and 1000,000 USDT prize pool Arena that will reward you for any deposits made throughout a month-long duration. Make a deposit, claim your trading bonuses, and start trading big!

Two promotions will run from April 1st at 12 am UTC through April 14th at 12 am UTC.

How Do They Work?

It's simple: you DEPOSIT any coins, and we REWARD you with a trade bonus of up to $8000 USD.

Eligible Net Deposit

Trading Bonus (USD)

Tier 1

≥ 500 USDT / 0.014 BTC / 0.20 ETH


Tier 2

≥ 2,500 USDT / 0.07 BTC / 1.00 ETH


Tier 3

≥10,000 USDT / 0.28 BTC / 4.00 ETH


Tier 4

≥40,000 USDT / 1.12 BTC / 16.00 ETH


Tier 5

≥ 80,000 USDT / 2.24 BTC / 32.00 ETH 


Tier 6

≥ 320,000 USDT / 8.96 BTC / 128.00 ETH 


*Net Deposit = Total Deposit during the campaign period – Total Withdrawal until bonus distribution

Trade to win from a 100,000 USDT Prize Pool, which will be divided equally among all qualified traders made trade between 1st April 2022 12:00 AM – 14th April 2022 12:00 AM (UTC). You're guaranteed an equal share of the prize pool as long as your accumulated trading volume is ≥ 5,000 USD in the promotional period.

C-Trade will announce the campaign progress on our Twitter. So stay tuned!

Sign up in 10s without KYC!

Still not so sure how does it work?

Don't worry, just message our dedicated admin on Telegram and he'll assist you with any questions you may have.

Please email us at support@c-trade.com if you have any questions.

Campaign Rules:

  • Trading bonuses and Prizes will be automatically credited to your account, within 15 business days after the promotion period ends.
  • Deposits made during the campaign period are to be held in your C-Trade account until the bonus has been credited to your account.
  • Prior to the bonus distribution, any withdrawals are deducted from your Net Deposit. Thus reducing your trading bonus reward.
  • Bonus can be used as trading margin, to pay transaction fees, and to deduct trading losses. Profits made from the bonus can be withdrawn freely.
  • Each participant is only eligible to receive the bonus of only ONE of the above-mentioned tiers. Bonus tier rewards are not accumulative.
  • Users are prohibited from using multiple C-Trade accounts for any dishonest activities. All associated accounts are automatically frozen and banned upon detection.
  • Visit here for deposit instructions.
  • Please refer to bonus terms and conditions for full details and rules.
  • All participating users must abide by C-Trade Terms of Use. C-Trade reserves the right to modify the terms of this campaign without notifying users in advance. C-Trade reserves the right of final interpretation of this campaign. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.